Guaranteed Satisfaction and Limited Warranty

This offering is just between you and me, fellow 914 owners. I am not a mega-conglomerate corporation with overseas production facilities and expensive lawyers. I am here to help you out with this special interest car, but I won’t buy you or your lawyer a new Boxster if you suffer any loss or harm, contrived or actual, so I need to state the following to protect my childrens inheritance:

30 day money back guarantee on replacement harnesses if returned in unopened package and in resalable condition.

90 day limited warranty from date of purchase on replacement harnesses against workmanship or material defects of the harness to original registered purchaser. This limited warranty specifically excludes direct or consequential damages of any magnitude or category, either alleged or proven, to the purchaser or third parties, related or unrelated to this harness for any reason, excludes purchaser attorneys fees and related legal costs, and excludes harness repair costs resulting from improper installation, usage, handling, abuse, vehicle damage or any damage to any portion or component of a vehicle as incurred or pre-existing, use on vehicles used for racing, off-road or other non-conventional purposes, or use of non-factory equipment or components. Return defective harnesses with original receipt for my personal inspection, repair or replacement, at my sole and exclusive discretion. Maximum value (cost to me) of this limited warranty will not exceed original purchase price of harness. Purchaser pays shipping and any other incurred or claimed costs. Purchaser acceptance of the terms and intent of this limited warranty is a condition precedent to our business transaction and I reserve all legal rights.

Wiring harness repair services and MPS services carry no money back guarantee or warranty whatsoever, sorry. There are just too many things beyond my control that can go wrong with these old parts, I know you understand.